Basketball Quizzes

Test your knowledge of NBA schemes by dissecting clips and trying to figure out what went right or wrong. Quizzes designed by Dickinson College assistant men's basketball coach Adam Spinella. Programming and editing by Stephen Noh.

NBA Defense Quiz no. 1: Sinks, fills, & x-outs

Test your knowledge of help rotations off dribble penetration with this 10 question quiz designed by Stephen Noh.

NBA Defense Quiz no. 2: Trapping out of double-teams and pick-and-rolls

How do teams rotate when they trap ballhandlers and strong post players? Learn from coach Adam Spinella in this quiz.

NBA Defense Quiz no. 3: Stunts and X-outs *NEW*

Learn two fundamental techniques of off-ball defense and rotations.

NBA Offense Quiz no. 1: Short rolls and the dunker's spot

Dive into the decision-making of NBA bigs. Learn about short rolls and the dunker's spot

NBA Offense Quiz no. 2: Post ups and baseline drift

Test your knowledge of post play and shooter relocations